Summer days and cemetery vibes.

Chilling on the grass, soaking in the sunshine on a beautiful summer’s day and having quality banter with Robert Howard, died age 46 who has been lying six feet under me for the past 90 or so years. Every time I have a free day and it’s sunny outside. I will make it my mission to explore new places, but nothing quite beats a cemetery. At this point, you may think I’m crazy, trust me I’m used to it.

You think cemeteries are bleak, depressing places where stories go to end. I understand, doing a quick internet search and that’s exactly the impression you get.

cemetry search.jpg                                  (Tumblr shows a bleak image of what a cemetery is.)

For me though, it’s different. I suppose I come from an odd family. Much like the Addams family perhaps, we visited cemeteries around my hometown as a kid as a Sunday activity along with tip top ice cream and fish and chips on the beach. Death isn’t a sad thing for me, My parents have always been open about it and I have experienced it from a very young age. To me it’s when suffering ends and a new stage of life begins.

Cemeteries have this knack of taking up the best real estate in Wellington with the most amazing views over the city. They are away from the city; great wide open spaces with beautiful architecture, flora and fauna filling with the best kinds of people, sharing stories from their lives with their loved ones.

                                            (Various photos from Karori Cemetery.)

This is the best way I can explain it, listen.

Click here.

Peaceful, that’s how I feel at cemeteries. The best way to spend a beautiful summer’s day.


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