I’m 23 and I love my Teddy.

I am a very sentimental person. You give me something and tell me to hold onto it (within reason, I ain’t keeping used gum. Ew.), I will not be able to throw it away. I have a feeling well up inside me that makes me freeze up and I suddenly start to look at that seashell that you just picked up off the beach as a glorious metaphor for the friendship we have. It becomes the very life blood that keep our relationship going, if I throw it away it’s practically condemning this part of my life to die.

shell                                  (A seashell from a beach that now sits in my room.)

I’m 23. I have collected quite a few memories over the years and well, the aforementioned mentality makes it quite difficult to let things go. An example of this is that my teddy bear collection is nearing on 50 plushies of all different shapes and sizes. Giraffes to wombats, kangaroos to polar bears; you name it, I probably have it sitting in my childhood home.

There is one particular teddy bear that i am quite enamored with though, his name is Ted. Ted has been with me since day one. He went with me everywhere as a child; we shared ice creams with him, scared people together and even one time, I bought him a seat at the cinema. He came with me when I moved out of home and still sits at the end of bed 6 years later.

Teddy                                                          (A photo of Ted and I.)

My teddy bear means a lot to me because it was given to me by my late grandfather. He passed away when I was eight and Ted was the first gift he ever gave me and one of the only ties I have left to him. He taught me to love music (particularly Rock n’ Roll) and how to be see everything from other people’s perspectives. He was a peaceful, loyal and loving man and when I look at my teddy that is the feeling I get; I feel sick and when I hug him, I feel that.

I accept I am sentimental, I like that about myself. I see people in objects. I miss my grandfather, but to me he still is with me through my teddy bear. I just have to work on separating the gifts from my grandfather and the receipts I got from a bad date I went on that one time with a guy I never saw again.


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